St Silas Sanctuary and Chapel

The Challenge
Serving men and women in prison is one thing, but what happens after they are released? Statistics show that almost 1 in 4 offenders in Canada will re-offend after release. The reasons for this are complex, but a vital factor is a failure to reintegrate into a healthy, life-giving community.

The Vision
A small-scale residence for 3-5 long-term offenders on supervision, centered on the Orthodox way of life, whose purpose is personal transfiguration (theosis) and reintegration into a Christian communal way of life (koinonia). To this end, life in the Sanctuary will include:

  • A regular cycle of daily services.
  • Regular opportunities for fellowship with invited community visitors.
  • A workshop for arts and crafts, such as leather-working, woodworking, and iconography.
  • Regular opportunities for continuing education in the Orthodox faith.
  • A community garden to help sustain the food needs of the residents and the community.

The Current Need
The heart of the Sanctuary is worship, so we begin to realize our vision with an appeal to build a beautiful sacred space where we can gather for sacramental prayer and Liturgy. The Sanctuary will be a small residence, so our Chapel will also be small (12 by 20 feet, no bigger than a large garden shed). Even so, we cannot cover the costs of construction without your support. Please consider making a one-time or regular donation to St. Silas, earmarking your donation “the Sanctuary.”

The Goal: $20,000. Please make your donation here.

God bless you for your kind donations!

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